The result is our A+ which, thanks to its composition, is capable of dissolving dirt and grease in temperatures as low as 20-30 degrees, as well as in quick washing cycles. And of course, it also has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!

Recyclable packaging

In addition, we use 100% recyclable packaging and refill bags made with 76% less plastic than the standard bottles. With A+ laundry detergent, you get the cleanest laundry to a minimal environmental impact.



About 80% of all the energy used to wash clothes goes into heating the water. This means that when you choose your washing program, your choice will greatly affect what impact your laundry will have on the environment. And it makes a huge difference!

Small change, big difference

In Europe, we wash at an average temperature of 41 degrees, although detergents like A+ are as effective at significantly lower temperatures. If the average temperature had been reduced by only 3 degrees in Europe, it would save 2,300 GWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to electricity consumption for more than 300,000 inhabitants.

Spara pengar

Save money

By washing at 30 degrees instead of higher temperatures, you save energy, which means you save money. Roughly, we save about 15 Euro per person and year in energy costs, and you save even more through your clothes’ extended life cycle.

long lasting clothes

Long lasting clothes

Many of us wash our clothes too often and too hot. This makes them unnecessarily worn out and needs to be replaced. If instead of increasing the temperature, choose a detergent that is effective at low temperatures, our clothes will last much longer, but the laundry results are still the same. Your environmental impact is getting smaller, while you’re less tired of both clothes and finances. Read more about all this in our laundry guides!