A hot, damp washing machine is a perfect growing ground for dirt and bacteria. That means, if you do not clean the machine on a regular basis, there’s a great risk of your clothes absorbing the malodorous residue left in the machine.


To prevent this, always open all hatches when not using the machine so that the moisture can dry out. You should also empty your laundry as soon as the program is complete, to prevent bacteria from starting to build. Should you be prevented, it is best to at least empty the machine within two hours.


Every now and then you should also wash your washing machine. You do it best by running a laundry program of 60 degrees or higher, without clothes, with a detergent that contains bleach, such as A+ powder detergent for whitewashing. It should eliminate bacteria and bad odors, which will allow you to get the best washing results again, including fresh smelling clothes.


Also keep an eye on the detergent compartments, filters and hoses, so that they are not clogged with lint or any fabrics. Also occasionally wash the rubber ring around the washbasin since dirt and smelly residue can easily get stuck there.

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