privacy policy

Privacy policy

The content of the website is intended to provide general information about the different products and advice on their use. These have been validated by the brand’s Research and development department and should only be considered as advice.

A+ introduced by Ariel never collects personal information. If you provide us with any personal information, you can always claim your right to access, modify, delete or oppose the data by sending us an email, as instructed in the contact section on this page.

A+ introduced by Ariel disclaims all liability for damages that may arise as a result of access to information on this site.

terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

All information on this site is BlueSun’s property and protected by copyright laws. You may use the material on this domain in the following respects:

1. Provided that the copyright statement stated below is contained in all documents where material is used, as well as in all copies.

2. That the use of the material on this site is made for information purposes only, without commercial or personal disclosure, that nothing is copied or installed on any network or distributed in commercial media.

3. That no change is made in the material.


It is strictly forbidden to use the material on this site other than for the purposes described herein. Violation of these obligations in respect of material theft, falsification or illegal competition is punishable.

Parts of this site are protected in accordance with the terms and conditions of national and international copyright and related copyright, intellectual property and illegal competition, which prevents reproduction or imitation, parts or as a whole, and the use of the material that violates these terms.

Neither trademarks, images, logos, graphics, sound or image on the site may be copied, reproduced or distributed without the expressed permission of BlueSun. Requests for reproduction of information on this site should be sent to BlueSun’s webmaster.

cookie policy

Cookie policy

A+ introduced by Ariel respects and works to protect your privacy in a manner that complies with all laws and guidelines under the Data Protection Act. This cookie policy explains how to use cookies on this site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser by a site you visit. Cookies help the site remember information about the visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and the website more useful. Cookies play an important role. Without them, it would be much more frustrating to use the internet.

For more information about cookies and how to disable and delete them on your browser, visit

What kind of cookies do we use?

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that helps website and application owners understand how their users engage with site content. Google Analytics uses a set of cookies to gather site usage and statistics information without personally identifying individual visitors to Google.

Through cookies, we collect data, behavioral information, and user activity on the site or third-party websites, such as the Google Network. By visiting and using the A+ introduced by Ariel Website, you agree to the use and installation of cookies as specified in this policy.

Cookies and other technologies

Google Analytics is used to monitor site statistics and demographics, interests, and behavior of users on the page. We also use Google Search Console to see how visitors find our site and to improve search engine optimization.

You can change your cookies permission at any time by clicking here.


Legal notice

Legal notice

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