With an effective detergent and a clean and efficient washing machine, you could usually wash bed linen at 30 degrees. Depending on how dirty they are, you might need to wash at 40 degrees. Use powder detergent for extra hygienic action, as it contains enzymes and bleaching agents that effectively counteracts bacteria.


If your bed sheets are used by ill persons or if they’re heavily soiled with body fluids, you will need to wash at 60 degrees to get rid of bacteria. Then it is also a good idea to dry and iron the sheets afterwards, since the high heat kills bacteria. If you have the option, hang-dry your sheets in the sun, since UV radiation effectively kills any bacteria. However, from time to time you can wash your bedding at 60 degrees, even if they are not heavily soiled, to kill even more mites. Read more at iprefer30.eu.

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